What is the weirdest merchandise you retain in your automotive?

• We’re on the lookout for Wheels24 readers to share what bizarre gadgets are of their automobiles.

• This story got here to fruition after Sean Parker noticed a big tissue field on the dashboard of one other motorist’s automotive and questioned if it distracted the motive force. 


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• Have you ever left one thing unusual in your automobile and by no means eliminated it? Get in contact with us right here and tell us. 

We have all seen unusual issues whereas driving. It does not matter if it is inside or outdoors: the automotive supplies an area to look out to the remainder of the world. 

However what about inside our automobiles? Is there an enormous field of tissues on the dashboard that obscures your ahead imaginative and prescient? I witnessed this just a few days in the past, and it was so giant I used to be distracted by it whereas driving. 

Earlier this 12 months, Wheels24 reported on two autos which have been stuffed with at least 29 sheep. Police pounced on the suspects who crammed the animals right into a Volkswagen Polo sedan and a lightweight industrial van. 

A buddy of mine in Johannesburg stored footballs in his boot, and he stated it was in case he received pulled over by the metro cops. Make of that what you’ll. 

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Picture: Patrick Smith / Getty 

Unusual gadgets which may discover their means into automobiles embody meals that is fallen out of the takeaway bag, or socks and sneakers maybe from becoming operating gear earlier than heading out for a trot. 

So now my query is to the readers of Wheels24, what do you retain in your automotive that you just suppose others would possibly discover bizarre? In the event you want inspiration, I got here throughout a Reddit thread and a few of the solutions to ‘what’s the weirdest factor you retain in your automotive?’ are hilarious. 

Reddit poster Phenominimal says: “A field of hats within the trunk. Cowboy hats, a sombrero. Couple other forms. I simply remembered there is a blender in there too.”

One other has “two plastic light-sabers within the trunk: “I am unsure how they received there, however I hope sometime it is going to assist settle a street rage argument” of their automotive.” 

The funniest entry I got here is person ‘Ihadacow’ who stated they’ve ‘a tiny bowler hat that matches my Chihuahua. I put it on him when it is sunny.” 

This is likelihood to have interaction in a lighthearted subject that might have fascinating outcomes. Mail us the strangest gadgets you could have or have had in your automotive.